How to verify environment variable created by VBScript in XenApp for User session?

In many scenarios, in XenApp, we write VBScript to create USER environment variable. We publish this VBScript in XenApp and then we launch it through Web interface. Now, to test it, we need to verify if this user environment variable is created or not? How to verify it? Answer is below:

1. Note: Run the below steps while user “session” is still running. If user is logged off, the USER details will be deleted.

2. Run Regedit.exe

3. Go to HKEY_USERS and find long ID for USER.

4. Expand the long ID and click on the node “Environment”. This node will display all the USER environment variables.


To verify, if the long ID as shown above belongs to the particular user, go to the node “Volatile Environment” and see the key “USERNAME” as shown below: