Android Application Development Environment Setup

Hey guys, lets start Android programming…..Excited!

The purpose of this article is just to prepare our systems for Android programming. My subsequent articles will be based on actual Android programming with code snippets.

To start Android programming, we need to setup its environment. All the required components can be downloaded from the link:




Download the package from the above site as per your OS. Once downloaded, I would recommend to make a new folder say “Development” and unzip the downloaded file over there.


Go to the eclipse folder as shown below and double click on eclipse.exe application. Please note that if your OS is Win 7, please right click eclipse.exe and choose “run as administrator” option to run it.


Eclipse will start launching. Below screen will appear:



Keep the Workspace as default or select the location for it and then click Ok. All of your created applications will be created under this workspace. You can also check the checkbox to make it as the default location.


After the successful launch of the eclipse application, go to the menu Window > Android SDK Manager as shown below:



Below selection screen will appear will the list of the components already installed/updates or list of components that can be installed. Select the components for the Android OS version that you want to create application for. Check the check-box against all the components that you need. For this example, I have select the components for the version 2.3.3.



Now Click on Install Packages.


Once the selected components will be installed successfully, you are good to go for the first Android application.


For non Java programmers, I would like to say that, recently, I have started doing android programming and my background is non Java (though I worked on .NET, C#), I can relate it to my C# skills easily. One should just know the object oriented programming concepts.