Visual Studio 2017 – vNext Build Automation – .vdproj based installer

Problem – We need to build “.vdproj” (installer) based project in Visual Studio 2017 using vNext Build Automation.


Follow the below steps –

  1. First step is to configure the build environment.
    1. Install “Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Installer Projects (InstallerProjects.vsix)”. Download it from
    2. To install it, double clink on InstallerProjects.vsix and follow the default option to complete the installation.
    3. Add the below highlighted key. To add it,
      1. Add the node 15.0_[User ID]_Config like as shown below 15.0_a71083cb_Config.
      2. Add MSBuild folder (key) in it.
      3. In MSBuild, create new key “EnableOutOfProcBuild” and set its value as 0.


  1. In TFS Build Definition, add task for command line and add the below information –
    1. ToolC:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Enterprise\Common7\IDE\
    2. Arguments$(Build.SourcesDirectory)\Deployment.sln /build $(BuildConfiguration)
  2. Finally, initiate the build and it will build the “.vdproj” files as defined in the solution and will create MSI installer file.