TFS–Automated Builds–Agent Workspace–Application folder

In the current scenario, when we need to build any application through build definition in TFS, it downloads all the sourcecode/components in the Agent’s workspace in a folder with a “digit” as a name of folder instead of the application name. For example, in case of xxxBillSplit application, it downloaded the source code in folder “7” under the Agent workspace.

For many applications like xxxBillSplit, it is perfectly ok but for application like XYZ where we have cross team project references, it is not working and getting failed.

To address this issue for complex applications like XYZ, following changes can be done –

  1. Under Agent’s workspace, a folder with the name “SourceRootMapping” get created as soon as agent builds the first application. This is single folder for all the applications agent is building. Under this folder, there are folders for all the build definitions with the collection id (GUID) as name a shown below – image
  2. Under GUID folder, there is a folder with the name as build definition ID. Both the above information about GUID and build ID can be found from the build definition as shown below –image
  3. Under the build ID folder, there is json file called “SourceFolder.json” which contains information about the builds as shown below – Please note “7” referencing in many places that I have shown in highlighted box –image
  4. Replace build id (7 here) as highlighted above with the application name as shown below.image
  5. Once done, rebuild the application. Folder with the application name will be created. You can now delete the folder with ID (7 here) as shown below – image

This activity needs to be done for all the team projects and it is one-time activity. Once done, backup of this folder (SourceRootMapping) can be taken and in case of new server/new agent/new workspace, this folder can be restored to implement the changes.


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