TFS RM–Kill Process before Copy Task


We need to copy the application executables and dlls to the XenApp environment or any other environment like Web server using TFS release manager.


Copying of executable files will fail if it is already in use as a process by some user.


To copy executable file, we need to ensure that it should not be in use. To ensure it, we need some script that detects it and if the process is running, it should kill it.

Here are the steps that can help to address the issue –

1) PowerShell script to kill the process. Here is the script that will kill the process –

   Script is to kill notepad* Process.
   Script is to kill notepad* Process.

#Script Name – KillProcess.ps1
$ProcessName = "notepad*"

$ProcessInfo = get-process | Where-object {$_.ProcessName -Like $ProcessName}
if (@($ProcessInfo).Count -gt 0)
    Write-Output "——-Process – $ProcessName —————"
    TASKKILL /F /T /IM $ProcessName
    Write-Output "Process – $ProcessName – killed successfully!" 
    Write-Output "————————————————–" 


2) Add this script in TFS application repository.

3) Publish it as an artifact in the application automated build definition so that it will be available for the release automation.

4) In release automation, add below tasks

       a. Task to copy the PowerShell script to the target machine.

       b. Task for “PowerShell on Target Machines”.


Output –



  ——-End of Article—–


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