App-V Package Publishing in XenApp 7.8

Purpose –

The purpose of this blog post is to state the steps required to publish virtualized package created using Microsoft App-V in Citrix XenApp 7.8.

App-V Package Publish Steps for XenApp 7.8 –

Follow the below steps –

1. Launch “Citrix Studio”.

2. Go to the node Configuration -> App-V Publishing. Right click on “App-V Publishing”. Click on Add Package.


3. It will open window to browse App-V package (.appv) file. Select the file with extension “.appv” and click Open.


Below screen will appear…


On successful addition of package, below screen will appear:


4. Now, go to the “Applications” node, right click it and select “Add Applications” option as shown below –


5. Below screen will appear. Click Next.


6. Select the “Delivery group” where the virtualized application will be delivered.


7. Click on Add button and select the “App-V..” option as shown below –


Below screen will be displayed. It will show the list of App-V packages we add before. Select the respective one and click Ok. It will close the below screen and will take the control to the above screen. Click Next and it will take to the summary screen and click finish to add the application.


8. Once the application is added, right click on the added application and select the properties to add the users for its access control. Below screen will appear.


Add the required users as shown below –


Application is now published in XenApp 7.8 and is now ready to use.

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