Android Application Deployment without Play Store

Guys, Created your application! Huh….

Planning to get this application installed on actual device of yours or your friend….and you don’t want to install it through Android Market! (Play Store), you can do it by following below steps:


On the actual Android device, go to Settings > Applications


Check the checkbox for “Unknown sources” to allow installation of the non-Market applications. It is shown below:

Note: Once the installation is done, I would recommend to un-check it.



Copy *.apk file (for BMICalculator example, copy BMICalculator.apk) from the location (workspace\[ProjectName]\bin) to the target Android device. In my case it is “C:\Users\demo\workspace\BMICalculator\bin”.

For distribution purpose, you can email/copy *.apk file to the target audience. You can upload this apk file to some ftp location or some site, and then you can send that link to the target audience.

Once the *.apk file is copied to the target device, double click it. It will then get installed on the device. You can now go to the applications screen and see the application icon as shown below:




Double click the icon and this will launch your application.


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