XenApp – Color depth in published application properties

The purpose of this article is to emphasize that the selection of proper color depth while publishing the application is very important and crucial for the application and network performance.

The choice needs to be made based on the application requirement. If application has simple GUI [Graphical user interface] and do not require too much color intensity/clarity, then we may select 16 colors or 256 colors option. For such applications, selecting higher color depth will not add any extra edge/efficiency, rather it will slow down the network and consume more memory.

If the application is graphics intense application like the CAD type of application, then we may have to select High color(16 bit) or True color(24 bit). Selecting lowers color depth, might blurred the image, where high clarity is required.

The higher color depth we will select, the more memory and CPU processing will be required.

In short, before selecting any color depth, proper analysis should be done to find out the actual color requirements of the applications. Sometimes we ignore these small points and end-up in user calls that application is behaving slowly.

To change the color depth during the application publishing, select the advanced option and at Appearance screen, select Colors from the dropdown menu. After application publishing, you can even change it by visiting the properties of the published application. In both cases you will get the window like:



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