Open File – Security Warning

When we publish some unsigned executable in XanApp, we get the below security warning:


We have to click Run to continue accessing the application.

To get rid of the above warning by implementing two options:

  1. Sign the executables. Executables can be signed by using the digital signatures.
  2. Start the Group Policy Editor (Start > Run, type
    -gpedit.msc- and press OK) and go to:
    -User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Attachment Manager then set – Inclusion list for low file types- to Enabled and enter the file type as “.exe” in the box.

Recommended way is to go for the first option i.e. Sign the executables.

Option 2 has the security issue as to enable it you have to put “.exe” in the inclusion list. There is no way to put the specific executable name so you have to open it for all executables and that will not be appreciated by the security manager!

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